Co-curator of “Sangam” – Performing Arts Festival of South Asia and Diaspora.

After a SOLD OUT 2019 festival, co-curators Dr. Priya Srinivasan, Uthra Vijay, and Hari Sivanesan bring together high profile, award winning, globally renowned professional level artists from India on the same platform as established and emerging Indian-Australian artists based in Melbourne.

Sangam frames the experimental in conversation with the classical. The festival offers a new model of developing sustainable relationships between Victorian and Indian artists with the support of resources and networks provided by Dancehouse, Bunjil Place, Abbotsford Convent as well as Multicultural Arts Victoria and Creative Victoria. Development in 2020, with festival planned for early 2021.

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EP – “Sarasvati” – commissioned by Multicultural Arts Victoria

DJ/Producer Amin Payne and Hari create hypnotic soundscapes that fuse Traditional Indian music with hip hop elements and modern technology creating something fresh to bring both cultures and sounds together. This is a very special project that moulds the analogue vs digital world together to connect the audience with the familiar sounds and educate them with the not so familiar.  

Born out of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s ReMastered Myths music program, the unique collaboration deconstructs stereotypes surrounding world music.

Produced, recorded , mixed & mastered : Amin Payne
Veena & Vocals : Hari Sivanesan
Bass : Nathan ‘Ra’ W
Artwork by Duncographic


The ingenious BBC Radio 3 World Routes Academy flung together astounding partnerships of mentor and mentee. Focusing on South India, the collaborate with Sri Lankan British veena player Hari Sivanesan and mentor Aruna Sairam, a Carnatic vocalist based in Chennai.

Hari works with them to explore the roots of Carnatic music in India , the music of his ancestors in Sri Lanka and the inner workings of diaspora in London. He, together with Lucy Duran take you through a journey through 7 radio episodes documenting their travels, findings, journey and his mentorship.

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